Best Screen Recorder for Windows 10

Many people wonder how they can record activities happening on their computer screens for either demonstration of concepts or just for fun and the answer, nay, the answers, lie in this article. The  best screen recording software  for Windows are few and those that are considered among the best share a few features. A screen recorder, simply put, is a program that captures what is on any part of the screen and in most cases the webcam as well.

The best screen recorders share qualities such as high-quality screen recording, an option of editing screen captured videos, webcam recording as well as recording the microphone. The beauty of screen recorders is the ability to generate tutorials that range from playing games and passing difficult levels to those that deal with education for learning purposes especially computer programming.

As such, it is important to have a list of the very best programs that ensure your video screen recordings are not only top notch but also makes the process hassle-free.

TalkHelper Screen Recorder


  • Webcam and audio recording
  • Video editing
  • No watermarks and ads
  • No length limitation


  • Lags when handling games

TalkHelper Screen Recorder is one of the best for screen recording videos intended for personal and professional use due to its high-quality resolution of the resultant video.

You can easily select a window or a region to record and also highlight the pointer to illustrate and show processes and different steps in the recording. Webcam and audio from both the microphone and system are supported as well as video editing options on completion.

Camtasia Studio


  • Great video editing
  • High performance with preview playback
  • Keystroke recording
  • Video annotation


  • It is not free
  • The trial version is limited

Camtasia Studio screen recorder has the best editing tools that allow you to add images, audios, videos and even presentations to the screen recording that has already been made. Furthermore, there is an instant preview in the video editor that gives you a preview of the edited footage.

Therefore, you are able to produce quite professional videos with the programs video editor once you are done recording.


OBS Studio


  • No video length restriction
  • Free
  • High definition screen recording
  • Full-screen game recording


  • Not easy to set up

OBS Studio is the best free screen recorder for Windows due to its ability to record games running in full-screen made possible by direct recording from the graphics card. Furthermore, the software allows you to save a project and finish up later without having restrictions on the length of the high definition recorded video.

There are also no watermarks in the footage created and videos are saved in common file types such as FLV.



BB FlashBack Express


  • Advanced video editor
  • Webcam and sound recording
  • No time limits and watermarks
  • Easy user interface


  • Not free

With BB FlashBack Express, there are no tutorials to screen recording videos because of its ease of use. Passwords are automatically obscured but other keystrokes are recorded in high definition.

You can also record a window of the screen and this option allows you to hide desktop icons and also replace your wallpaper. Webcam recording is also available and it has a dedicated gaming mode for recording games while playing them on your screen.


Ezvid for Windows


  • Instant Voice Synthesis
  • Free music
  • Video Editor
  • Screen drawing


  • Lags often
  • The 10GB minimum requirement is quite high
  • Glitches

Ezvid is arguably among the best software for desktop recording in the Windows operating systems and it is also free. Among its best feature is the instant face and voice synthesis when recording both the webcam and the microphone and this makes it ideal for recording instructional tutorials.

You can also edit your screen recorded video before uploading it to YouTube directly and the recording is of the highest available resolution.

ShareX for Windows


  • Supports many file sharing/export options
  • Sound recording
  • Custom video effects and watermarks
  • Keyboard shortcuts
  • Ad-free


  • Unintuitive user interface
  • Unsuitable for game recording
  • Lacks webcam recording

This is a free software for the screen capture of activities ongoing on a screen and comes equipped with various capture methods.

These range from fullscreen, custom region, active window, scrolling capture and much more. Due to the unintuitive interface, navigating may be a bit hard but there are keyboard shortcuts that work quite well. Sharing is easy since it supports various destinations ranging from Dropbox to Google Drive.




  • Picture in picture
  • Webcam and audio recording
  • Video editing
  • No limitation on video length


  • Watermarks on the free version
  • Unsuitable for games
  • Video length limit with the free version

Screencast-O-Matic is one of the best screen recorders due to its simple interface that makes it easy to work with.

You can easily select the intended region or window to record on the screen as well as record from the webcam for picture in picture recording. Furthermore, editing is easy and one has an array of choices from the music library to shapes and images that can be added or overlain to the video to give a professional outlook.

Bandicam Screen Recorder


  • Intuitive user interface
  • Webcam overlay
  • Audio overlay
  • Video editing
  • High-speed recording

Bandicam Screen Recorder gives users an additional option of drawing or highlighting portions on the screen while recording either the full screen or a partial region of the screen.

Furthermore, webcam recording and audio sound recording is quite simple when making an instructional video with the option of selecting the desired resolution hence giving HD videos. It is also suitable for games thus making it great for videos on passing certain difficulty levels.




  • Video annotation and editing
  • Viewer optimized for mobile phones
  • Direct YouTube upload


  • Ads and promotions for the free version
  • 5-minute length limitation for the free version

TinyTake features in the list of the best screencasting software mainly due to its integrated feature that allows you to add graphics for video annotation after screen recording.

The length of video per session goes up to 120 minutes and it also has the ability to record from the webcam. Sharing of the captured videos is also quite easy using TinyTake since they can be saved to the local drive and also shared as links to other sites.




  • High definition screen recording
  • Amazing post editing functions
  • Perfect for fast-paced games
  • Webcam and audio recording

This paid program allows you to record with very high frame rates since it is designed for game recording.

Picture in picture recording is also easy through the webcam recording and the software runs on all available Windows platforms from Windows 7 to 10. Video editing is also quite easy since you can trim, edit out or add various graphics to the video as well as captions. Social sharing is also easy and achieved in a single click.


iSpring Free Cam


  • High definition screen recordings
  • Video editing option
  • No limitation on length and ads
  • Audio recording


  • Supports WMV file saving only
  • No webcam recording

This software has the ability to record selected regions of the screen or the whole screen with your voice over from the microphone and this allows you to create video lessons easily.

Additionally, tracking the cursor and mouse clicks is also easy and this works well in highlighting pertinent steps and details. Videos are saved in WMV format and easily shared to YouTube and editing can be done before finalizing.


Debut Video Capture


  • Webcam and audio recording
  • Simultaneous recording of screen and webcam
  • Video editing and annotation
  • Scheduled screen recording


  • Lacks direct export options
  • No post-production editing

This software comes equipped with the scheduled recording feature that allows you to screen record anything whether you are present or not through simple settings.

Furthermore, the ability to record both the screen and webcam simultaneously and the captioning feature makes it great for YouTube tutorials. The video output is also customizable for different sources and hence you can create the resolution you desire depending on the destination of the video.

Apowersoft Free Online Screen Recorder


  • Online screen recorder
  • Video editing in real time
  • Multiple output formats
  • Webcam and audio recording
  • Simple interface


  • Unsuitable for game recording

This software is not only free but also online with no limitation on the length of video recorded. Furthermore, it supports various screen capturing such as full screen and a region or window on the screen in addition to webcam recording for tutorials and audio for narration.

The program also ensures convenience since videos are saved in common file types and can be exported to YouTube or any other site easily.


Icecream Screen Recorder


  • Scheduled recording
  • Webcam recording
  • High-quality recording
  • Zoom tool that works when recording


  • Not free
  • Time limitation on the free version

Regardless of the Windows operating system that you are using, installing this software is as easy as using it due to its simple and intuitive interface.

You can add customized watermarks and choose the quality of your recording after selecting the region to record. Video editing is also easy since its tools allow you to trim recordings and adjust the volume of both the system and the microphone.


Factors to consider when selecting a screen recorder

There are many factors that influence the choice of a screen recorder and they range from personal preferences to the features and tools availed by the different programs available in the windows platform. They include;


There exist free screen recorders and others that require you to part with some money to screen record videos.

When considering the cost, it is important to look beyond the highly priced ones because cheaper may be better in this case with some free screen recorders performing even better than some paid versions. As such, using a trial version for the paid ones to give you a feel for what you will get is important and this needs to be balanced with the free ones to compare value.

Post editing features

There is more to screen recording videos and as such, creating professional videos remains a key priority. This, however, can be achieved only through, therefore, making programs that have superior post editing tools the best.

Such tools allow you to edit out undesirable footage, add narrations, music, filters and captions and much more. Those that lack post editing tend to seem outdated and require additional tools for editing.


Webcam recording

The best recorders have to have webcam recording ability since this brings along other features such as picture in picture recording through overlaying the webcam video on the one being screen recorded.

Furthermore, it also allows you to explain the concepts being recorded and the steps being followed in the case of an instructional video or tutorial and as such, the lack of webcam recording is a great disadvantage to any screen recorder.


Quality of the recordings

Software that has options to choose the resolution of screen recordings remain at the top of the list since they have the best resolutions thus giving rise to high definition recordings. There are also others that record in high definition whereas others have such poor quality hence their absence from the list above.