The Best Skype Call Recorder For Windows 10 & 7 In 2019

Skype is a very popular communication tool that is well supported on the Windows platform. It makes keeping in touch very convenient and reliable. However, during our conversations, we may want to keep a record of the conversations for future references or even sharing with other parties.

For companies, Skype interviews need to be stored in case of the need for revisiting arising. Unfortunately, Skype does not have an option for that which means you have to solely rely on other third party software for that task. Below we look at some of the Skype call recorder software for Windows that you can go to when you need the services of interest.

TalkHelper Call Recorder For Skype

This Skype recorder features the following;

Interface – TalkHelper definitely stands out with its user-friendly and simple interface. Pricing and compatibility – This program is free to use for 7 days before purchasing the full version while at the same being compatible with all versions of Windows.

Recording –  It is very versatile with the ability to record audio and video Skype calls, voicemails and Skype chats. When capturing video calls, expect to capture each and every frame without much hassle.

Quality – Quality of output is definitely a concern for users and this Skype call recorder for Windows gives you the highest possible output quality.

Convenience – This program functions locally hence your files will be saved on your PC to make sure you can access them easily at any time either for playback or sharing.

TalkHelper for Skype


  • Able to record within Skype
  • Supports both incoming and outgoing calls
  • Audio calls are saved in MP3 format
  • Features a delete button


  • A 7-day free trial after which you have to purchase the software


Vodburner Recorder for Skype

When you get started with this Skype recorder for Windows PC, expect to experience;

Recording – This app will provide you with both video and audio Skype calls. Besides that, the recordings are made at a very high quality. In addition to this, you will be able to record Skype voice chats and also voicemails. This ensures you do not miss anything.

Modes Vodburner can be used in both manual and the more convenient automatic mode so you just have to choose the one that works best for you. Other modes you can capture in are remote side and the local side.

Compatibility – This tool is compatible with all versions of Windows so that you do not feel limited when on the platform.

Interface – The interface is made pretty simple and very instinctive even for a first time user.

Buttons – Buttons make processes less tedious and so Vodburner comes with a pause button that can be used when the need arises.



  • Can capture both video and audio Skype calls
  • Features automatic recording
  • Able to capture Skype video frames


  • Watermark
  • Pretty much limited with the free version

iFree Skype Recorder

 iFree will get you to the following;

 Pricing – iFree Skype Recorder comes free of any charges but does not deliver incomplete functions at all. It is ideal for you that need to record Skype conversation while not struggling with the cost.

No limitations – Unlike other similar functioning apps that limit you on some functions especially the recording length, this software has no limitations as you can record continuously to any length of choice.

Saving – When you record audio Skype calls, you can conveniently save them in MP3 format which is very popular and widely used.

Recording – Recording Skype calls can be done on both sides at the same time or choose between the remote and local side as you see fit. In addition, you can implement automatic Skype call recording at the click of a button.

ifree skype recorder


  • Has an auto chat reply
  • Can be used in both manual and automatic mode


  • NO warning sounds are included
  • Limited in terms of control over the sound
  • The free version is not fully featureful

Pamela For Skype

Pamela will let you explore;

Recording – It is best suited when you need to record interviews and professional calls. This is done in an amazing and unique way. Enjoy lifetime recording of both video and audio Skype calls when using this software.

Reliability – Pamela is very much reliable for the fact that it supports all version of Windows out of the box.

Editions – It comes in several versions including Basic, Call Recorder, Professional and Business. You can choose any of these based on the features you are looking to explore. It is, however, worth noting that Basic and Call Recorder come as free limited trials while Professional and Business are top of the top.



  • Can be used to forward emails
  • Can schedule calls
  • Supports MP3 and WAV file format for Skype audio calls
  • Notifies you when there is a call


  • Very costly for the top version
  • Limited to only 15 minutes of call recording for the free version


MP3 Skype Recorder

This Skype recorder for Windows will deliver the following;

Interface – Besides being very functional, Mp3 is also very simple and easy to use even for a first timer.

Compatibility – It is compatible with Windows and it will permit you to easily record both video and audio Skype conversations for free.

Recording – You will be able to capture calls during your Skype recording session, while at the same time never miss on other activities as the app can be minimized so that you can access other processes running on your Windows PC.

Getting started – The installation package is very small to ensure that you are up and running within no time for your first Skype call recording.



  • Features automatic call recording
  • Skype call recording is done free
  • Supports multiple formats including WMA, WAV, MP3, and OGG


  • It is so much laden with advertisements
  • Cannot edit Skype calls


Dvdvideosoft Free Skype Video Recorder

As a Skype recorder for Windows, you will explore;

Reliable – In your quest for high-quality Skype call recording options, this software will do all that at no cost at all. In addition to that, it is compatible with Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10.

Recording – It is capable of recording both video and audio Skype calls, and even Skype conversations. The Skype audio calls are saved the convenient MP3 format while the Skype video calls are saved in WMV format.

Mode – This software only works in manual mode in all its operations with no automatic mode available for use.



  • No viruses, spyware, malware, or adware
  • It is best suited for recording Skype video calls
  • Provides free recording for video and audio Skype calls


  • Does not feature automatic call recording
  • Requires you to specify the destination folder for every call
  • No editing feature out of the box

Callnote For Skype

This Skype recorder for Windows boasts of;

Reliability – It is capable of even capturing Webex online meetings as well as have the potential to upload recorded Skype files on YouTube. The uploaded files can be shared anytime with friends and any other kind of target audience.

Interface – Its simple and intuitive user interface makes the interaction process come with the best experience for any user.

Flexibility –  It works with Windows 7, Win 8, Win XP and Win Vista, clearly almost with all windows available. No matter the version of Windows you are running on, this tool will work without any hassle at all.

Pricing – This tool is absolutely free when you decide to go for it so never worry about spending cash on it.



  • High-quality sound recording
  • Supports instant snapshots as you record
  • Records both video and audio Skype calls
  • Comes with Facebook integration


  • Limited features on the free version


Evaer Skype Video Recorder

What is outstanding with this tool?

Output – Here is popular recording software and is not left behind when it comes to producing high quality and clarity.

Recording – It works on Windows perfectly and what’s convenient is that it can even record both video and audio Skype conversations you can play-back in the future.

Interface – The interface is so simple and intuitive that even a first-time user does not struggle getting started.



  • out Skype call recording
  • Store Skype video calls in the common AVI file format


  • The free version of Ever allows only five minutes recording length

Amolto For Skype

Amolto has the following qualities;

User-friendly – Amolto is literally very super friendly regardless whether you have used the software before or not.

Customization – This will be your best if you like to play around with the brightness while recording your Skype calls. It is perfect for podcasters as well as personal Skype calls.

Recording – Amolto will noticeably provide you with high-quality results when you record calls even though the free trial version will not record your Skype video calls. The free trial version will only provide you with audio Skype calls which are even be limited, otherwise, if you want to record both video and audio Skype calls you will need to upgrade to the premium version.

No limitations – It lets you record unlimited Skype calls while at the same time saving them safely.



  • Super clean and safe to use
  • Features a history log


  • You can’t record all calls with the free version


PrettyMay Call Recorder For Skype

Enjoy the following features when working with this Skype recorder for Windows;

Recording – PrettyMay is very reliable when you need to record Skype calls, voicemails, conference calls while saving them in either MP3 or WAV format. Recording length is limited to 15 minutes for the basic version of the app but unlimited with higher versions of this Skype recorder for Windows.

Playback – A unique feature is that you get a chance to play recorded calls, voicemails and audio files while in conversations.

Automation – When you are away from your Skype, it has the ability to send automatic chat replies for you.

Personalization – You can personalize various aspects as you prefer when you get started with this Skype call recorder.


  • Features notifications
  • Has a Skype answering machine
  • Multiuser


  • Limited to 15 minutes recording time for the basic version


There you have it. A very wide and rich of Skype recorders to get you started on any recording task on your Skype in the best way possible. Depending on the task at hand, each of them will have different features but none will be useless at all for starters. Just select one that augurs best with you.