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5 Open Source Screencasting Software You Must Try

With the market being full of many screen recording programs, it is possible to be spoilt for choice unless you have knowledge of what each program opens you up to and whether it suits your needs. This article has taken a different kind of approach and aims at getting you acquainted with the open source screen recorder alternatives that you can download and get started with on Windows, Linux, or Mac platforms.

Open source programs see a lot of development contributions into them and get refined and featureful even more as time goes besides being free to download. All you need is to have ready the features that you are looking for so that you can use that to narrow your search in this article. Basically, these programs will all take care of the core task of screen recording but some go past this to bring you versatile in the same process.

Like for instance, there are some that will go past just being screen recorders to incorporate video streaming options among other kinds of goodies. It is now the perfect moment to learn of the best open source screen recorder program that you are opened up to in this industry.


#1 . UltraVnc Screen Recorder

With so many open source screen recorder programs out there in the market, UltraVnc makes it to this list of the best screen recorder software due to its simplicity but still powerful enough when called to action. Actually, this screen recording program …

The Best Skype Call Recorder For Windows 10 & 7 In 2019

Skype is a very popular communication tool that is well supported on the Windows platform. It makes keeping in touch very convenient and reliable. However, during our conversations, we may want to keep a record of the conversations for future references or even sharing with other parties.

For companies, Skype interviews need to be stored in case of the need for revisiting arising. Unfortunately, Skype does not have an option for that which means you have to solely rely on other third party software for that task. Below we look at some of the Skype call recorder software for Windows that you can go to when you need the services of interest.

TalkHelper Call Recorder For Skype

This Skype recorder features the following;

Interface – TalkHelper definitely stands out with its user-friendly and simple interface. Pricing and compatibility – This program is free to use for 7 days before purchasing the full version while at the same being compatible with all versions of Windows.

Recording –  It is very versatile with the ability to record audio and video Skype calls, voicemails and Skype chats. When capturing video calls, expect to capture each and every frame without much hassle.

Quality – Quality of output is definitely a concern for users and this Skype call recorder for Windows gives you the highest possible output quality.

Convenience – This program functions locally hence your files will be saved on your PC to make sure you can access them easily at any time either …

Best Screen Recorder for Windows 10

Many people wonder how they can record activities happening on their computer screens for either demonstration of concepts or just for fun and the answer, nay, the answers, lie in this article. The  best screen recording software  for Windows are few and those that are considered among the best share a few features. A screen recorder, simply put, is a program that captures what is on any part of the screen and in most cases the webcam as well.

The best screen recorders share qualities such as high-quality screen recording, an option of editing screen captured videos, webcam recording as well as recording the microphone. The beauty of screen recorders is the ability to generate tutorials that range from playing games and passing difficult levels to those that deal with education for learning purposes especially computer programming.

As such, it is important to have a list of the very best programs that ensure your video screen recordings are not only top notch but also makes the process hassle-free.

TalkHelper Screen Recorder


  • Webcam and audio recording
  • Video editing
  • No watermarks and ads
  • No length limitation


  • Lags when handling games

TalkHelper Screen Recorder is one of the best for screen recording videos intended for personal and professional use due to its high-quality resolution of the resultant video.

You can easily select a window or a region to record and also highlight the pointer to illustrate and show processes and different steps in the recording. Webcam and audio from both the …