5 Open Source Screencasting Software You Must Try

With the market being full of many screen recording programs, it is possible to be spoilt for choice unless you have knowledge of what each program opens you up to and whether it suits your needs. This article has taken a different kind of approach and aims at getting you acquainted with the open source screen recorder alternatives that you can download and get started with on Windows, Linux, or Mac platforms.

Open source programs see a lot of development contributions into them and get refined and featureful even more as time goes besides being free to download. All you need is to have ready the features that you are looking for so that you can use that to narrow your search in this article. Basically, these programs will all take care of the core task of screen recording but some go past this to bring you versatile in the same process.

Like for instance, there are some that will go past just being screen recorders to incorporate video streaming options among other kinds of goodies. It is now the perfect moment to learn of the best open source screen recorder program that you are opened up to in this industry.


#1 . UltraVnc Screen Recorder

With so many open source screen recorder programs out there in the market, UltraVnc makes it to this list of the best screen recorder software due to its simplicity but still powerful enough when called to action. Actually, this screen recording program is popular because of its high speed of working without taking a toll on your computer resources.

As much as the interface cannot be adjusted in terms of size, you shouldn’t have any trouble capturing screen video using the buttons provided on the precise user interface. To make the process convenient and efficient, this full version software features hardware acceleration that goes a long way to hasten the process. You get access to an audio mixer, a screen recording timer, video effects, PiP mode with the webcam, 3D screen capture, besides easy export and sharing process. For the ultimate reliability, this software supports all the available platforms including Windows, Linux, and Mac so that no one is left out on this train.


#2. CamStudio


Featuring a user-friendly interface, this open-source screen recorder delivers a simple and convenient process to capture screen video. Every single button is conspicuous enough to ensure that you have no problem getting around on top of being able to customize the interface, not forgetting the available hotkeys. This full-version program lets you capture a specific region, an application window, or even the whole screen depending on what you prefer.

At the same time, you are opened up to annotations, stamps, and captions that come in handy when you need to show the viewer the areas to focus on. To reiterate this, you can choose whether to show the mouse cursor, highlight it, and even activate feedback for visual clicks. In addition, this desktop recorder lets you capture audio from your preferred source besides tweaking the screen recording process whereby you can tinker with the compressor, time-lapse, and even the quality before you can either export in AVI or SWF formats.


#3. ScreenFlow

Just like any other open source screen recorder out there, this full version program has quite a lot in store for you. No matter whether you are recording from retina displays or more than one screen at the same time, this desktop recorder promises to deliver the highest quality possible at the end of the day. This is on top of being simple and instinctive enough to make sure any first-timer does not hassle getting around.

You will not only get down to open source screen recording but also have access to video editing tools that will help add that extra professional touch to your clips like when you take advantage of the rich stock media library and annotation tools. Managing your media is also made convenient by this desktop recorder besides the ability to create animated GIFs or PNGs from your screen recording depending on which one you prefer. At the end of the day, you have really powerful software to record screen videos with.


#4. Taksi


For those of us who are enthusiasts of 3D applications like for instance games, this is the desktop recorder that will bring you that reliability you are looking for. Besides the ability to record the screen, you can also take snapshots when the need arises and at no time with the performance of your computer be affected. On top of that, you are not limited in regard to the length of the screen recording unless your storage space runs out and the saving format is AVI.

during the process to capture screen video, you get the chance to adjust various parameters like the frame rate, compression, and also audio-related properties. Other than that, this program will let you customize its behavior and various settings besides the option to pick where the output goes or even the screen recording mode. To make work easier for you, this open source screen recorder comes with customizable hotkeys that see to it that actions take less time to accomplish.


#5. recordMyDesktop

This is a free and open source screen recorder software that is minimalistic in nature but at the same time does not fall short of being able to handle the task at hand. Versatility is in its DNA and that is why it delivers two parts; a graphical and command-driven user interface so that you can pick the one that fits your needs.

Through a simple left-click of the appropriate icon on the panel, you are able to commence the process to capture screen video which is also done in several ways. To be specific, you can capture a specified window, an application window, or optionally record the whole screen when duty calls. Better yet, this desktop recorder produces Ogg Theora files that can be shared directly to sites like YouTube without the need for time-consuming conversion. On top of that, you have the chance to capture audio and tinker with the video frame rate as you see fit.


There you have it! A rich list of open source screen recorder tools that you can grab and satisfy the need for screen recording in a convenient way. After considering what each has to offer, I am certain that you have settled on one piece of software that has proven to be the best open source screen recorder.